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Who is Who в России. 4 издание. 2010 г.

Who is Who в России. 4 издание. 2010 г. Здесь размещена биография и материалы о научной и творческой деятельности лауреата Международной Гузи премии Мира (в области физики) проф. Б.А. Астафьева


Boris Astafiev, MD, Grand Doctor of Philosophy, academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Noospheric Academy of Science and Education, International Academy of Telecommunications.
Education: 1951 – Moscow Institute of Engineering, engineering-physical department; 1955 – The First Moscow Medical Institute by I. M. Sechenov, sanitary and hygienic department; 1957 – Kuibyshev State Medical Institute, military medical department, 1966 – Candidate of Medicine, 1979 – Doctor of Medicine, 1990 – professor, 1995 – Grand Doctor of Philosophy;
Career: 1955–61 —medicine service in the Armed Forces of the USSR; 1961–63 — the head of parasitological department of Sanitary-Hygienic Station of Kalinin region of Moscow, 1963–2006 — from junior researcher to the head of the laboratory of the Institute of Medical Parasitology and Tropical Medicine by E. I. Martsinovsky; 2006–2008 — professor of the department of state and municipal management and state security of Moscow Institute of Enterprise and Law; 2005–2010 — the director of scientific programs of the department of noospheric education of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences;
Contribution: biology and medicine – proved the evolutionary genetic theory of parasitism; proved that allergic focal lesions of all the human organs and the brain develop in case of intestinal and tissue helminth infestation;

  1. developed the Theory of Creation;
  2. created the theory of genetic energy-information unity of the World, according to which the World is a single entity hierarchically organized and directed by the World Creator;
  3. scientifically proved the eternity of the World; described the process of original creation via energy genes-constants opened by the World Creator: π, golden proportion and quantum constant which are the parts of the World evolutionary genome-constant СrСe, its energy formula and numerical expression (СrСe = 0,417897343...);
  4. proved pinpoint accuracy of the World evolutionary genome-constant СrСe;
  5. discovered the Genome of pre-cosmic World of Protos; 6) discovered the Basic Genome of Cosmos World being the original basis of the astral and atom-molecule worlds;
  6. identified different levels of development and activity of the World Spirit, distributed in the World systems, as a result of their individualization and sequence of their creation;
  7. developed the theory of energoalphabetical neutrino information;
  8. created the theory of genetic and intellectual interaction of astral and atom-molecule worlds;
  9. he theory of genetic energy-information unity of the World enabled to create the theory of thinking based on cross-correlation realization of received neutrino information being compared to the information which is stored in the form of energy holograms; the higher the intellect of a system, the deeper and more powerful strata of these systems are in active state, the more precise and faster is the process of thinking; world neutrino information connection enables to correlate the results of thinking by involving cosmic systems of different power into the process;
  10. introduced the conception of primordial energy particle of Protos — protoenergon, consisting of two energons rotating about the single axis in parallel opposition;
  11. calculated the number of protoenergons being the part of hemi-spheres of oscillating plasma-energy corpuscle on the basis of which the primordial atom of hydrogen appeared;
  12. developed the theory of Cosmos creation as quantum-evolutionary transformation of Protos;
  13. mathematically proved that Protos and Cosmos are energy crystals;
  14. calculated the exact number of protoenergons organizing into energy-crystal superblocks; estimated the exact numbers of superblocks entering into the composition of proton, electron and Δе;
  15. theoretically proved that protons and electrons are complex spiritual and energy-crystal systems evolving synchronously, harmoniously, in asymmetrical equilibrium according to the World evolutionary genome-constant СrСe;
  16. discovered the Laws of the World: energy compression, energy stratification of the World Spirit and spirit of systems, evolution periodization, double cosmic co-evolutionary spirals of interaction of astral and atom-molecule worlds and over 200 of other Laws of the Creator, Protos, and Cosmos;
  17. on the basis of the Theory of Creation and genetic energy-information unity of the World concluded that gravitation is a mutual spiritual attraction of energomaterial particles caused by graviton and immanently inherent to it levorotary Energy of the ramified World Spirit; press-stratification of the World Creator, Its distributed energy and crystallized energies of gravitons (nuclons) and antigravitons (electrons) of atoms underlies the hierarchical organization of gravitation and antigravitation;
  18. theoretically calculated the cycles of cosmic bodies: Galactic nucleus, Universal nucleus, Rigel Ori, synodic and sidereal rotation periods of Solar System on the galactic orbit and Galaxy on the Universal orbit; proved the accuracy of calculations and powerful influence of these cosmic systems and their cycles on the evolution of life on the Earth;
  19. developed the theory of systemic spiritual bio-holographic genetics of astral and atom-molecule worlds;
  20. created the theory of planetary strategic prognoses;


Publications: 270 scientific works concerning the universe, evolution of the World, philosophy, ecology, sociology, theory of catastrophes, parasitology, pathologic morphology, including 18 monographs: Outlines of General Pathology of Human Helminthiases (1975), Helminthiases in Forensic Medical Diagnostics (in co-authorship, 1984), Human Helminthiases (in co-authorship, 1985), Immunopathologic Manifestation and Complications of Helminthiases (1987), Experimental Models of Parasitoses in Biology and Medicine (in co-authorship, 1989), The Theory of the Single Living Universe (laws and hypotheses) (1997), The Fundamentals of the Universe: Genome, Laws and World Creation (2002), The Universal Law of Creation (2004), Strategic Prognosis and Management Based on the Genome of the World: Theory and Practice (2005), Strategic Prognosis and Management Based on the Genome and Laws of the World : Theory and Practice (2007), The Theory of Creation and Genetic Energy-Information Unity of the World (2010), The Algorithm of Evolution (2010), coursebook Ecological Safety in the Situation of Modern Crisis (2006), The Worldview of Homo Mentis — a Man of Wisdom (2011), Mind, Consciousness, Intellect, Thinking (2011), The Theory of Creation and Genetic Energy-Information Unity of the World – Foundation of the system of the education (some articles) (2012), The Creation of the World (2012), A travel to Higgs boson country (A dream on the eve of New Year) (2012), the author of 2 books, 4 licenses, and co-author of 8 invention certificates;

Awards: laureate of M. Lomonosov Prize, diploma of P. G. Sergiev Prize by Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, medal of K. I. Skryabin by USSR Academy of Sciences, medal of E. N. Pavlovsky, order Cross of Merits by Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, honorary diploma for the development of Strategic Prognosis and Management Based on the Genome of the World by Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, gold medal of the First International Authors’ Innovation Salon; USSR and Russian medals;

Hobby: historical literature, race walking;

E-mail: ba132@list.ru