Ноосфера — предположительно новая, высшая стадия эволюции биосферы, становление которой связано с развитием общества, оказывающего глубокое воздействие на природные процессы.
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Базовые проекты

Maslova N.V. Appeal to people of the planet (Маслова Н.В. Обращение к жителям планеты)


Astafiev B.A. Appeal to the world community (Астафьев Б.А. Обращение к международному сообществу, 2013 г.)

The World is waiting for our intellectual and spiritual growth!!!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are living in the period of quantum-jump transition into a qualitatively new period of life of our planet! Our thoughts and actions must correspond to a specific, extremely complicated state of the Earth, its biosphere and mankind in the whole.

From the moment of Earth conception 4817 million of years have passed. On the 12th of December 2012 the Earth will complete the 4817 millionth cycle of its life from the time of its conception. The planet will live. All the species and plants will survive. However, they will have to adapt to a new environment. The life of every of us will depend on the way we organize it— what our thoughts and deeds are directed to.